Hong Kong’s first-ever cruise and yachting event,

International Cruise and Yachting Festival (Hong Kong) 2018, is scheduled to be held from November 22 to 25 at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, the China Merchants Wharf in Western and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (Central Ferry Piers).

The four-day event, organized by the Hong Kong Cruise and Yacht Industry Association, will bring together global cruise and yacht brands and boats with Maritime Education and Employment, Marine and Leisure Tourism and Maritime Industry Developments as the major focuses. It will feature the presence of mega cruisers, super yachts and leisure boats as well as a wide range of watersports equipment.


  • Promote Hong Kong as a World Class City of spectacular events and robust economic growth with a dynamic population
  • Promote Hong Kong Economy via the organization of prestigious events that will generate business and employment opportunities
  • Enhance the public awareness on Cruise & Yacht industry chain

The Importance of
Developing the
Cruise & Yacht Industry



The Cruise & Yacht industry is often described as “a gigantic business opportunity floating on the golden waterway”. It is an important indicator to measure the economic development of a country and a city. The Cruise & Yacht industry have high added value, a diverse industrial chain, multi-faceted and high density. It has the potential to become new industry with tremendous growth. The Cruise & Yacht industry will serve to upgrade the service sector, with an important contribution to enhance Hong Kong’s international image and influence.

Developing the Cruise & Yacht industry can benefit the industrial structure in the long run. It also promotes the development of the Hong Kong economy. Not only will it promote leisure travel, logistics, commerce, financial and insurance services, and other services, it also catalyzes the technology development of the Cruise & Yacht industry chain, equipment and digital technology. Developing the Cruise & Yacht industry can increase the employment rate and improve the lifestyle quality of Hong Kong residents, serving to raise the status of Hong Kong as a world city.

Cruise & Yacht is an industry with many characteristics. Not only is it a unique category in the ship building industry, but also a part of the manufacturing industry, tourism and transportation industry. A flourishing Cruise & Yacht industry is an important symbol of developed countries. Cruises and yachts can complement each other and act as vehicles for the marine tourism industry. As cruises can carry large number of passengers to cruise terminals, large terminals are often located in suburban areas. However, these areas are often very close to a variety of tourist attractions with beautiful islands. Yacht charter can act as an alternative for the development of the marine tourism, with travelers visiting different islands, enjoying the unique island experience.

With the full support of the Hong Kong Cruise and Yacht Industry Foundation, the Festival (ICYF) organizer will work closely with the relevant government departments and industry associations to bring about an interesting activity program which will promote public understanding of Hong Kong’s waters and the sustainable development of the associated economies.

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