Hong Kong Cruise & Yacht Industry

Association (HKCYIA) headquartered at the Hong Kong Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, HKCYIA is a non-profit organization of cruise and yacht industry practitioners working together as a united force to promote the long-term development of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry.
HKCYIA is established to:

  1. Work closely with the relevant organizations and affiliations to promote the well-being of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry;

  1. Foster co-operations between local and global cruise and yacht communities;

  1. Promote sustainable development of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry.

Structure & Scope:

Cruise Industry


Cruise Destinations; Cruise Terminal Companies; International Cruise Lines; International Cruise Industry Trade Associations; Shipping Agencies; Ship Management Companies; Travel Agencies.

Yacht Industry


Yacht and Sailboat Racing Associations; International Yacht and Shipbuilding Industry Trade Associations; Yacht Builders; Yacht Dealers; Yacht Charters; Yacht Clubs.

Other Related Industry


Cruise and Yacht Industry Veterans; Education and Training Providers; Terminal Manufacturers; Architects and Interior Designers; Marine Equipment Suppliers; Press and Publishers; Human Resources Companies; Event and Public Relations Companies; Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Management Companies; Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies.

HKCYIA Objectives

  • To provide a unified voice to work with the Government on cruise and yacht industry affairs and safeguard the interests of the Hong Kong cruise and yacht industry;
  • To assist in the formulation of industry policies and advance the operational standards in the industry;
  • To foster co-operations between local and global cruise and yacht communities through assisting in the market research and economic studies;
  • To facilitate collaboration between stakeholders through organizing international industry events;
  • To raise levels of professionalism and operational standards in the industry through training and education.
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